Overcommitters Club

Don't have time for this? You're in the right place.

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Next event: Saturday June 13th, 2020 @ 6:30pm

Occurs on the 13th of every month. Take two hours back. Takes place wherever you are.

what is this?

Overcommitters Club is a monthly "event" for folks like us, who sign up for too many things, and need to reclaim that time every once in awhile. We like to think we're the only recurring event that's happy when you're a no-show.

do you actually meet up?

Nope! Call a meeting of Overcommitters Club wherever you find yourself! If you're looking for a community to share your successes, or just commisserate with other overcommitters, join our Slack!

What sorts of things can I do with this time?

Up to you! Use it to do whatever you like. Chill out. Answer those boring emails. Better yet, unsubscribe from a bunch of mailing lists. It's your time. This is just one way to get that time back.

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